.:.*Weekend Project and a Little Extra*.:.

Hello my friends, I hope everyone survived the cold cold weekend, and to those of you in warmer climates, I am totes jelly.  .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. On the bright side though, this cold weather should soon get me in the holiday spirit, which means festive winter clay pieces will be on the way. I’ve already had one customer at work asking where my Christmas earrings are, so I should deliver soon. :p

The cake army production has finally come to a hault. There are now enough to fill the cafe, which is nearly complete itself. Since no one has left any suggestions on how to swank-i-fy the scene, I am left to my own imagination, which is currently frozen due to the weather, hehe. I do have one small cake image to share, though.

A fancy coffee cake, so tiny it fits on the tip of your finger.

A fancy coffee cake, so tiny it fits on the tip of your finger.

On the resin front, Jackie and I finally finished up her Frozen pieces and they look awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture before they went to her house, but I will perhaps upload  a potato pic later on.

While the Frozen resin was happening, I started my own new line of what I like to call “Ice Crystal Pendants”. They are made with a clear background and slightly bundled glitter, so they look kind of like ice and the glitter gives a cystalline effect.

Hello Kitty with a pea pod, it's a bit larger than a quarter.

Hello Kitty with a pea pod, it’s a bit larger than a quarter.

Finally we have the big Weekend Project, which I worked on during football. I take a tray and some supplies, set them up on the couch, and watch the games while working. It’s a pretty neat set up since I get to craft, see the games, and spend time with my boyfriend. ❤ 🙂

Taste the Rainbow. :D

Taste the Rainbow. 😀

The little cameo frames on the right came from a mold that I made from a cheapy cabochon and the wings on the right a made from a mold of wings I ordered off Etsy. I am intending to make the cameos into necklaces and the wings into hairclips, then sell or wear them as matching sets. 🙂 I’ve wanted the wing clips for a really long time so I am super excited to have them in a variety colors. As for the cameos, I will probably put Monster High, Hello Kitty, and Sailor Moon pictures in them.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave feedback in the comments. I love to hear from people, including you! ( ^_^)/Ciao!