Intro and FAQs


Everyone thanks you for visiting! Please have some cake with us :)

Thanks for visiting! Please have some cake with us ^_^

I have been a fan of clay creations and decoden for years. This is the first time I’ve been able to try my own hand at crafting cute creations. It is a lot of fun so far! ^_^ I hope you enjoying look at my art as much as I have enjoyed making them.

What is Decoden?
Decoden originated in Japan and is the art of decorating things, generally with “frosting”, and adding cute charms, clay creations, stickers, or small toys to make it look even more fun than it would in its non decorated state. That’s the best definition I can think of right now.

Can I eat them? They look so good! (actual text I received :P)
Nah sorry, they are just for decoration.
At least they will never go bad and you can always look at them! When I get cute food, I always have a hard time eating it. You should have seen my dilemma at Disney World with the Mickey Mouse butter!! >.< Anyways, I like to make these to get around that whole feeling and still have cute food stuffs for my viewing pleasure.

How do I buy one?

Check out my Etsy Shop!  or Email Me

I would prefer to custom make pieces for people who would like one. Here are examples of how I can do that:
* Container or charm
* Glitter or no glitter
* Color preference of jewels and or frosting
* Scented or not scented

So if there is one you like, send me either a link to the picture, page it’s on, or a description, how you would like it tweaked or if you prefer it the way it is, and we will go from there (⌒▽⌒)☆

Can you make me a clay charm of my favorite character or item that my favorite character uses!??
Chances are, yes I can! Email me and we can discuss what it is you would like along with pricing.

If you have any questions lemme know and I’ll post the answer here for you.


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