DecoJennDotCom: Back from the Dead (or so it seems :p)

Hi everyone out there in Bloglandia! Once again I am here with one of those “sorry it’s been so long” posts, so please allow me to get the excuses and apologies out of the way. Let’s see… what works as good excuses… I’ve been busy with work? Busy with the Etsy store? Too lazy to use the old camera and upload pics? Yes, I will use those. 😉

After the last few months of fighting with the supercamera, I finally got a new one with which I can more easily take quality pictures. Now, if only I could figure out the lighting situation. Outside is too bright, inside is too flourescent dim, feelin’ like Goldilocks up in here. :p I am thinking about dragging my set up to the park and making use of their picnic tables and shade. Too bad I can’t bring the cat too. He is my most fequently photographed subject, much to his dismay.

Recently, I have also been working on repainting a bright pink, dollhouse type bakery into a swanky, pseudo victorian lounge cafe. The project is slowly coming along, emphasis on the slowly, as it is quite tedious work with the tiny details and cramped corners. Also, I have been repainting dollar store dollhouse furniture to match the cafe. After the paint job, I will pick out some new curtains. :p

Thanks for stoppin’ by, more to come soon. For real this time!