** Introducing Sailor Moon Dessert Replica Miniatures ** or … ~**Chibi Act One – Usagi**~

Hello ~ヾ(^∇^) Welcome to DecoJenn’s cafe! *^_^*

Today I have some exciting news! Let me give a little background to better explain it.

One day while browsing the Reddit, I saw some most excellent home-made and completely original Sailor Moon desserts. Immediately I thought how awesome it would be to make little miniature versions of them, so I contacted my new friend Katharina at A Pretty Cake Machine and she gave me the green light on recreating her desserts from clay!

This is the first in the series, with the rest to follow as time goes on. Since these are smaller versions, each new sweets replica will be titled a “Chibi” act, as chibi is Japanese for “small or little” (for those of my readers who are not Japanese lingo savvy :P)

Now on with the show!

Chibi Act One – Usagi (Sailor Moon) – Creampuff Cake

Please ignore the TV lookin lines! I took the images in this post with my mobile phone and not the fancy camera, so they are a bit wonky.

Mini version with the original in the background

The cake is sitting on a quarter for scale… It is tiny! Also I promise there will be better pictures next time >.<

The real Creampuff Cake can be found at the link below. I suggest everyone check it out and see how this decadent treat is made. 🙂

Recipe/Tutorial: (Sailor Moon Dessert Series, Pt. 1) Usagi’s Creampuff Cake

Thanks for reading, have a nice day, and see you next time!