~* The Latest of the Greatest Creations and a New Segment for the Garden Lovers *~

Aloha and welcome back, friends! I kindly thank you for tuning in, and, please please, don’t mind the gap between the last post date and this one >.>  It’s been quite a past year (year?), but I am officially back. Now, let’s party.

In the Name of the Moon, I shall… Either compose a letter or pretty up my face! :p

We all know I’m a weirdo, right? Right. Well my weird self loves goofy hair things too, and while I am not brave enough to dye it anymore (shouts out to all you peeps with cool hair), I am resourceful enough to still make it quirky, and what better than incorporating Sailor Moon into the mix?

Now see, I have this habit of sticking a pen in my hair, and one day the light bulb went off… Moonstick Pen. After multiple attempts wrestling with clay and a hollow pen, and much hair pulling, I finally perfected the Moonstick Pen.

Moonstick Pen

Ta Da! Love it. Not much else to say here.

A few days ago, I got a message on Etsy asking about a custom order for a Moonstick make up brush. When this order came in, I was floored because it was such an ingenious idea, and is why I have to give a shout out and thanks to my new friend Catherine. She’s got really cool taste in make up and kawaii accessories, check her out on Instagram. I bet we will be seeing some more collaborations in the near future. 🙂


The stars on the make up brush are a lot larger because I wanted them to be flamboyant, other than that it’s basically the same structure as the pen, with a little tricky toaster oven baking work going on.

And now for a side journey.

Let’s back up to the past a bit. After I had made enough Moonstick pens that I didn’t want to touch them for a while, I came up with another idea for a pen. This one, though, is not suited for sticking in hair buns. Iiiiiit would snag a little.

I wanted to make a pen that looked like a whimsical celestial piece of art. I believe I accomplished that feat, now, taking pictures of dark objects with only light backgrounds, not exactly my forte’, so don’t mind the contrast here -_-;; Still learning how to use my camera, folks.;

Wand Pen

The color is actually a very deep purple-ish blue. Swirling around betwixt the moons and stars are gemstone beads, and on top a terminated quartz.

Wand Pen TopClose

Here’s a view more suited for my friends in Australia.

Purse Charms!

These are just a couple of fun charms for a purse or backpack, incorporating my favorite things and just enough bling. Do people still say that..bling?

Chunky Charm

Sweets galore here! I kinda got hungry putting this one together, hehe.

Charm Moonstick simpleish

It’s like, a miniature version of the one above, but better with a mini Moonstick. I believe this would be best suited for Chibiusa’s taste. :p

These purse charms are so much fun to make, I hope they can find a good home soon. They, will everything else above, will be in the Etsy shop within a few days.

Moving on to our new segment, How’s that Garden Lookin’ Lately?

And this is How the Garden is Lookin’ Lately.

Thank you for keeping with me for this whole post, it’s been fun leading up to this moment.

Not only do I love to create with crafts, I also love making places beautiful with nature, growing plants, watching seeds sprout before your very eyes. It’s a magical thing to behold, the evolution of plants and the area which they inhabit. I would like to share with the readers, friends, families, and newbies, the best place to sit back, enjoy time with friends, and sip on a nice cold beverage, DecoJenn’s Garden.

It’s got a few different little “areas”, per say. Today’s tour will feature the most grandiose and exquisite of them. But first, here is the view from my “living room chair”.

Garden View I

Okay Okay I still stink at this whole taking pictures thing and I know you’re like Holy Some Kind of Exposure, Batman! This is gonna have to do for now. Though, I do promise the reset of the pictures are better ^_^

Cactus Garden

This is the Cactus Garden, variety, Prickly Pair, as the little sign on the top right of the square pots denotes :p All of these guys came from a single plant, in the container above the garden gnome’s spot. At night, the light in the bottom center provides color changing light, which is quite fun. I’ll try to snap a night time pic of the scene for a later post.

Buddha Cart

The Buddha Cart. It has been in my care for many years. We have pictured here, Young Buddha, in case anyone was wondering..(Yes people have come to my place and asked why he is skinny -_-) This is when he was an adolescent going through his acquiring of wisdom phase, from what I understand. Either way, I try to keep the cart adorned with flowers, which means it changes often. In fact, it has changed since I snapped the pic!

Luminesence Tigerlilly

Check out the amber glow on the statue there. This was totally done by coincidence. The birdbath got a new home, and the rest flowed along.

Thank you for your patronage and see ya soon ^_^ … for real this time ….

P.S. Hi Cam!!!! *waves*