** Update 04/11/14 **

^_^ Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been so so long!! It’s been super busy around here with Spring time rearranging, experimenting cooking new dishes (if people are interested in blogs on my homemade vegetarian cuisine meals, lemme know and I will start making recipe posts), and learning how to make new craft stuff!! 

Coming soon, we have TONS of resin pieces, lots of chibis, and a few food items that are super cute! 

Also next week I plan to get an Etsy shop up and running. Many many folks have asked if I have one, so there will be a store soon due to popular demand! 🙂 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and thanks for checking back at DecoJenn 😀 

Don't be shy (☆^ー^☆) I appreciate all feedback!

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